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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Tomber dans les pommes (pronounced : tom-bay dan lay pom) and literally meaning "to fall into the apples".

My child has two teachers. One for Mon.-Tues. and one for Thurs.-Fri. The Th-F teacher has been out of school for 3 weeks now. Overexertion. She'd nearly fainted in school. We happened to run into her recently at a local clinic and she was a very unhealthy shade of "jaune" (yellow). She was replaced by Mrs. R.

On day one my child came home asking me what Mrs. R. meant when she said, "Attention .  . . " (pronounced a-tan-syon and said in staccato).   I asked for the context and was told that this teacher announced that tomorrow they would be working on Maths and they would need the paper number line that the teacher had given them at the beginning of the year. Of course it would be my child and another girl who would not be able to find theirs. They had just moved places in the class and it stood to reason that this piece of paper had gotten lost and swept away by the cleaning lady. Well, the teacher proceeded to berate these two kids, threatening them with, "If I go through your desks and FIND the number line, attention . . . ." Said in that way, attention means 'you better watch out'. My child was fretting over what would happen. No problem! We printed off a homemade version and off she went. We never heard or spoke of it again.

Yesterday,  my child arrived to school and her slippers were not under the bench where she had left them. At some schools, children are required to take off their outdoor shoes and put on slippers to keep the classroom clean and dry. I looked around and no, they weren't there. The little vestibule area near the classroom is quite small and an array of parents, children, and younger siblings was making walking difficult but I managed to get to the teacher and tell her what had happened. I fully expected her to be as dazed as I was, but no.  With a smile (!) she explained that she had confiscated them because they were under the bench and not in the little fabric baggy that hangs off the hook. I looked at her in shock and gratefully retrieved the slippers, unwilling to berate my 6 year old for such an "offense".

Good times.